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The music of the spheres of the world turned on its head

Traduction Charlie Louth

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  • In the upper part of this piece, in the armillary sphere, whose hoops represent the principle astronomic circles, there should have been the stars—the sun, the moon and our own planet. Instead, I have put them outside the celestial globe : the earth revolves round the armillary sphere, the sun and the moon have been placed on the ‘central trunk’ of the sculpture. My intention is to show the disruption the elements of the natural order have undergone, while giving the visual impression that all is normal and harmonious. This, it seems to me, is how we see things today, this is our relationship with the world : we dominate and have no conscience of the effects caused by our offences against it. A world off its hinges, a world overturned. Thus, little by little, we sever ourselves from the harmonious movement of nature …

    F. V.