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  • Mary Magdalene (Word - 34 ko)

    “ ‘… let her continue to weep, she has sinned’, ‘… Christ was right not to let her touch him … and to abandon her’. We see her suffering, and so we forgive her ; fallen women can identify with her. The images retain their power over us. Yes, Mary Magdalene was a sinner : in those days the word meant : a woman wanting to learn. She was perhaps a prostitute : in those days the word meant : to worship idols. The last thing we do, nowadays, is attend to the original meanings, and so the signs of women’s rejection take their surreptitious course and have their effect. They make their way through the ages. Christ the angel came to reconcile man and woman. He loves her, she loves him. At Bethania she poured the unguent over his head and made him king, then she let her hair down in mourning. Christ transformed himself in the Passion. As for her, she must transform her forbidden love. But she ‘sees’ him in a love which will be the revelation of his message. She is the intermediary par excellence. Something which no religion dogma can accept, for religion is bound up with power.”

    Françoise Vergier, June 2007