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    Extract from an interview between F.V. and Séraphin des Prades

    Séraphin des Prades : How did you get interested in Diogenes ?

    F.V. : The exhibition at the Carré d’Art in Nîmes ended with a ‘Diogenes’ room. His philosophical thought is difficult. Reading Michel Onfray helped me. I found there what I felt intuitively. The knowledge that the model to follow is the observation of nature and the animals. That social conventions are to be avoided like the plague, for they equate to all the false relations humans have set up between themselves. In our modern world he also tells me to return to the self, to leave the false family of the media, to protect myself from the noise, not to accept cynicism, to find new ways of saying NO.

    S. des P. : He was a misogynist.

    F.V. : Women are as much at fault as men. Unfortunately women don’t cultivate their differences. He wanted them to be free. If they didn’t copy men the world would be a different place.