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Conversations with a dead soul

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  • This exhibition touches on a strong taboo, one which is concealed in the contemporary world. The taboo of death.

    The loss of someone very close, three years ago, had its implications for my artistic work. My hands too came to the same conclusion.
    I transformed my pain into mourning.
    My mourning was a way of finding a distance.
    I came to create new forms of remembrance and tenderness. They traverse a space of silences. The massif within me melted into conversations between intimate souls. I shook the bells, and the air filled with song.

    Arriving at this place, I had the strange feeling of taking part in the healing of the world.
    The ceaseless renewal of all life on earth never exhausts itself. I went down the ages, at the point where sky and earth touch and merge, to the female source of the universe.

    I raised altars like axes mundi. If I think of the essential things in our life, art assumes a weight of spirituality, its function is no longer ornamental but vital.

    Françoise Vergier, 2007